Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Steak Fries Is Good"

While dining at a restaurant with some friends (who are particularly critical in nature but friends nonetheless) an interesting event transpired which sparked a mild controversy at the table. The waitress returned to the table with our beverages, ready to take our orders. I ordered my meal and she asked if I would like any sides. She proceeded to list all of my options.

"We have coleslaw, mashed potatoes, fried okra, steak fries, or apple sauce."

"Steak fries is good," I replied.

This comment elicited much laughter from the rest of the table.
They proceeded to explain that I had misspoken because I should have said "Steak Fries are good."
But I argued that I was selecting from a list of many different sides. I was choosing one from a list of many. Besides, if I had said "steak fries are good" I would have been commenting on the quality of the fries which does not even answer our server's question.

"Ostensibly all of the sides are good but only one of them is good for my meal," I explained. However, my explanations and justifications fell on deaf ears.

It is still a topic of debate.