Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ruminating on Undergraduateness

Being an undergrad can be frustrating. I recall in high school I had a similar sentiment about 9th grade. No one would take me seriously! I had so much wisdom (as I would have defined it) to impart to the world and yet no one would listen. I thought that by the time I reached college people would definitely want to hear what I have to say. Now that I am here, I don't want to say anything!

Writing at the undergrad level is mostly citing what people who already have a degree have said. This is mostly an issue for me in the field of literature. For the amount of text I am required to generate from week to week I really am lacking in brilliant ideas to impart to the world. I want to present at a conference. I think it would be a valuable experience. But I barely have time to become an expert in one area in order to give a presentation that would actually be interesting and not just spitting out what other critics have said already.

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