Saturday, April 20, 2013


I think I previously mentioned how there are many people at the house I am staying in. Well our "host brothers" cousin stopped by to add to those numbers the other day. He took us out to a friends apartment to hang out and then we went out and wandered around Roma. It was a lovely area and we stopped at a nice restaurant eventually. I have been very fortunate to spend a lot of time meeting people from Mexico City. My cousin, as he quickly considered us to be his cousins, introduced us to many of his friends from his university as well as a couple other friends. It was a great evening of just getting to hang out with people and chat.

Today we went to a market and shopped around. The guys and I wandered off and found a very beautiful garden which was actually located in a private neighborhood. No one yelled at us so we didn't think it was a big deal. We then ate some Quesadilla's with Huitlacoche which is a fungus that grows on corn. It was really good.

Later we went on a boat ride in the borough of Xochimilco. Basically you float down a stream in this boat with chairs and tables, and people pull up alongside the boat and sell you beer and/or try and sell you knick knacks and other touristy items. It's essentially a "party boat." It is like a 2 hour ride and fortunately most of the time I was able to enjoy good conversation with some friends.

Some of the others went to a Soccer game but Paddy and I returned home. I hit my head on the roof of the subway when I stood up and a lady laughed at me. It was humorous. Actually, this entire trip has been filled with evidence of my lack of athletic ability. I almost fell down the stairs the other day and my shoulder subluxated.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be able to go and find a cafe and just sit and work on educational stuff. Another student on the trip is teaching 10th grade English as well and we are hoping to collaborate sometime tomorrow on lesson plans and ideas. I might just chill tomorrow for the most my Bible and then On The Road. I'd like to meet some random people in the city so I think if I do any exploring it will just be for that purpose. I'm stoked to get back in the school on Monday.

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  1. Are you conversing mostly with people in English or Spanish? What has been the most interesting conversation so far? Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it doesn't continue to give you problems.