Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zócalo, Metro, and Condesa (oh and teaching too)

I did my best to fit in. Apparently, unless you are working out or doing something that requires shorts Mexicans are pretty much always in long pants. Many are completely dressed up in a suit and tie. There was a half day at the school so the entire group went on a "touristy trip" to the Zócalo. I decided not to change and just wear my teacher clothes in spite of the heat. It actually wasn't bad. 

In order to reach the Zócalo (the square pictured above), we finally had a chance to ride the metro. The metro was packed to the extent that I actually had to push other members of our group onto the car or they would have missed it and had to wait for the next one. I wish that cities in the US had as extensive of a public transportation system as Mexico City. It is extremely cheap to get around.

My housemates and I were able to split off from the group eventually. We went on a tour of the Templo Mayor (a replica is pictured below) 
Apparently they just continued to expand it. and add levels by just building over the smaller one before it which helps to give it that "stepped" look. After a tour of the actual ruins you then go through a museum which has many of the original artifacts encased within. It is very extensive and although we went through at a relatively slow pace, we could have spent much more time there. 

We rejoined with the group for a bit and just walked around the city and looked at some of the cathedrals. After the rest of the group left to go home we continued to walk around and managed to get a little bit off the beaten path, which was nice. I was starving and we passed a stand that was selling freshly made plantain chips which are the greatest. Even though we had been warned against the possibility of incessant diarrhea from food on the street, I bought some and they were delicious. A day later, and I feel fine.

After returning home and eating an awesome home-cooked meal we went out exploring again. Condesa is a very nice neighborhood near where we are staying. One of our "host brothers" showed us around the area. Often Mexico City has a reputation for being dusty and dry but the streets are lined with a lovely verdant green that adds to the beauty of the area. Next we will check out Roma which is another nice area nearby.

As far as the food goes, as I said, we have been fortunate to have great home-cooked meals. However, eating out here is so cheap compared to the states. There is a stand right outside the school that sells a lot of great food. I can get a sizable and delicious (comparable to a burrito from chipotle but way better tasting) burrito for about 25 pesos (or $2).

I begin teaching poetry and grammar on Monday. I will be teaching 10th grade which is nice because that is what I taught in Pittsburgh. Most of my time in the school has consisted of me observing, getting to know the students, and preparing my unit for the next three weeks. I will try to update this again tomorrow!

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  1. Glad you are doing well...your sightseeing sounds interesting and the food is making me hungry...:-)